Sunday, December 07, 2008

Random thoughts

* 17 degrees is entirely too fuckin cold.

* Did you remember that today is "the day that will live in infamy"? I did. I'm not sure why I remember it...I was but a mere twinkle in dear old Dad's eye in 1941. I'm sure I heard enough about it when I was a kid to permanently embed it in some distant brain cell.

* I've felt really bad all week. But today, I felt nearly...normal. So I decided to get a little Christmas shoppin in. Strike while the iron was hot and all that. The stores were jam-packed and most of the check-out lanes were a mile'd never know that there's a recession goin on. I did manage to find almost everything I went lookin for, though. Even better, my stamina held out long enough for me to do it.

* We have two cats. Neither has been declawed, so I try to do a "caticure" every few weeks. By nature, Simon is laid-back and mellow. Until it comes to clippin his nails. He doesn't go wild, but he ain't too happy about it. Stewie, on the other hand, is the very antithesis of "mellow", especially when it comes to trimmin the ole claws. Imagine tryin to trim the claws on a tiger. Somebody's gonna wind up bloody...and it ain't gonna be him. So when I was in Target today, I snagged a
  • Pedi-Paws
  • . If it goes well, I'll letcha know.

    If not, I'll post the pictures of my shredded arms.

    * I bought one of these...

    ...last year during the after-Christmas clearance. Da Zigster got it put up today and it's cute as hell.


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