Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Chronicles of Cheeseburgerweddingpalooza: Episode Two

So, we met with Captain Harold of the
  • Spirit of Peoria
  • today to finalize the "Cheeseburgerweddingpalooza" plans. In fact, he invited us for a freebie cruise...and it was awesome. If you've never done one, I highly recommend it. 'Course, it was a gorgeous day...that didn't hurt a thing, either.

    It's a definite "yes" for him to do the ceremony, so the invitations will go out sometime this week. I wanted to make sure we actually had an officiant before sendin 'em out. He's a very nice guy and we feel lucky to get him. He seems to be exactly the kind of person we'd like to marry us. Easy-going and fun. Perfect.

    But more about the cruise. It was fun to see a view of Peoria that we don't normally get to see. Unfortunately, it looks a lot better from the river. heh

    And here's a shot of the McCluggage Bridge that most people don't normally get to see.

    The river was packed today, too.

    And there were all kinds of "characters" aboard.

    All in all, it was one of those perfect days.

    And as a perfect ending to a perfect day, we came home, tossed a couple potatoes in the oven, threw a couple of T-bones on the grill and....voila!

    Looks like somethin out of a food magazine spread, huh? Note the fresh chives on the 'tater...grown by yours truly. YUM!


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