Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just stuff...without bullets

'Cause I'm too techno-tarded to learn how to do bullets.

I'll use the handy-dandy little * instead.

* (See?) I knew this'd happen. We agreed to let another couple go ahead and move into The Beach House on the Moon (that's what we've already christened the place...we're quasi-ParrotHeads) for three or four months while their new home is being built. I figured that'd give the weather a chance to clear up a little and we wouldn't hafta be moving in all this slop and goop. Plus, it'd give me plenty of time to get organized and sort through some of my accumulated junk. Plus, I was being a nice person. HAH! Bet that won't happen again. Because, you see, it was sunny and nearly 50 degrees out today and I WANNA MOVE NOW.

* This is related to the first *. I'm already dreaming and scheming about paint colors and curtains and room layouts and what things we need to keep and what we need to lose...and what I need to shop for. And on and on. (sigh)

* Anna Nicole. Good gawd, what a fiasco. Anybody see "Weekend at Bernie's"?
Just plant her ass somewhere and get it over with. Then the whole game of "Who Yo Baby Daddy?" will continue. Personally, I think she had some of ole Howard's sperm saved in a jar in the fridge...right next to her bottle of methadone. I don't see an end to this clusterfuck any time soon.

* What do John McCain and an Asian Carp have in common?

* This * is related to the first one, too. Because I'm obsessed. Our soon-to-be landlords are so excited to have us move in. I asked her, do they want references? Because we have excellent ones. Nope. Does she want to stop by here...just to be reassured that we don't have 36 cats and have newspapers and plastic milk jugs piled up to the ceiling? Nope. She said that she can tell that we love the place as much as she does, so she figures we'll take good care of it. How cool is that?

* Got to meet Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy today. Noooo, I didn't get arrested. It was a purely professional meet. Seems like a helluva nice guy.

* I should be trying to figure out what to fix for supper, but here I sit...lollygaggin.

* Um. Ok. I think I'm done.

*********************************** (That's just because I like playin with my asterisk button)

* Oh. Almost forgot. Happy Fat Tuesday! Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet!


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