Friday, February 16, 2007

Another knock at the door...

...but it wasn't opportunity this time.

I was very pleasantly suprised when three of my old pals showed up at my door last night. I know I probably didn't act like it was a pleasant suprise...almost slammed the door in their face, in fact...but I was truly tickled to see 'em.

See, because this is supposed to be a "secure" building, nobody knocks first unless they live here. We normally hafta "buzz" guests in. Guess the main door wasn't quite latched. I just thought it was my 87 year old neighbor again. Bless her heart...any little noise or any tiny thing that's not quite right, she panics, goes into an anxiety attack and beats on our door.

Besides that, I had my nightgown on. But then I figured that they'd all seen me in various stages of undress, anyway. Hey, you guys oughta be glad I had anything at all on. heh

Aaaanywho, we had an impromptu meeting of the Patterson Bay Detective Agency and talked of many jobs...midget porn...gastric know...just general catching up.

It was delightful, my three amigos. Next time, though, let's make an afternoon or evening of it and indulge in a big slab o'meat.

Getcher mind outa the gutter...I'm talkin prime rib, not porn.

Oh, and Joe? I'm still waitin for you to teach me how to be a wino. Uh. I mean, teach me about wine.


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