Friday, September 22, 2006

Some days, it's just not worth chewin through the straps

There are other days though, when everything just seems to go right.

I've had two of those, now. I'm waitin for the other shoe to drop.

Ya know what I mean? Days when everything just works the way it's supposed to. Take yesterday. I hit green lights at nearly every intersection on the way to the lab to get my pre-employment drug/alcohol screening done. I found the joint with no problem whatsoever. I only had to wait about 10 minutes. I blew a .000 on the breathalyzer. I not only could pee on demand, I peed the exact amount they needed for the dope screen. Ok, so I peed on my hand. But only a little. Even that didn't ruin my day.

But, about the breathalyzer thing....I really kinda fail to see the usefulness of that. Unless someone is a raging alcoholic, I mean, and drinks like...all the time. Yea, for that brief second, they might be sober...but 20 minutes later, they're walkin into the local bar. What's it gonna prove? They were sober for the test. Period. It's not gonna prove they weren't drunk as a skunk the day before. Ya know what I mean? Now, the drug screen, I can understand. There are a lotta drugs that'll show up, even days after using. And street drugs are illegal. Booze isn't, though.

Aaaanyway, my good fortune continued yesterday. I hit green lights at nearly every intersection on the way back, too. And the traffic was decent. Not a single moron with a cell phone plastered to the side of his/her head irritated me. I did a little shopping and found a great pair of dress pants to work in. They fit so well, I grabbed two more pairs in different colors. Hot damn!

Oh...OH! And while I was out shopping, I picked up my early (only a month..hehe) birthday present from Ziggy. Ok, so I picked it out and I bought it, but I used his money. So it's from him, right? Bless his heart...he was worried that it might not be....romantic. Him not gettin it for me, I mean. Hey, it's a friggin diamond ring! (I'm worth it, ok?) Diamond rings are always romantic, no matter who buys 'em, right? That's the way I look at it, anyway. Besides that, it was on sale and the sale ends tomorrow. He just wouldn't have had the time to go get it. See? I'm always thinkin of ways to make life easier for him. hehe

I came home and made a killer pot of chili...possibly the best I've ever made. And I actually slept fairly well last night, despite the chili. Not great, but I haven't had what could be described as a great night's sleep in a loooong time, anyway.

So yesterday...yea, it was goooood.

The dreaded trip to the Seventh Circle of Hell, otherwise known as the local grocery store, was on the agenda for today. Sweet. I'd usually rather have my eyeballs poked out with a sharp stick, but it actually wasn't bad. Yea, it was packed. Yea, there were only 3 friggin checkout lanes open for the 87 people in line. But I managed to whip right through, find everything on my list and walked right into an opening at a checkout.

The bonus? No idiots encountered on the way home, either.

The bestest part? It's Friday and I'll get to spend some "quality" time with the Zigster this weekend. And I'll get a chance to properly thank him for the birthday present.

Yea. Yesterday and today? It was definitely worth chewin through the straps.


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