Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I guess my life as a "kept woman" is over

Remember the
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    Evidently, they liked me and I didn't have a big booger hangin outa my nose 'cause they called me this morning and said that they believe I'd be an "excellent asset to _________". They offered me the job.

    An excellent asset, huh? Shows ya how much they know. heh

    I nearly made a biiiig mistake, though. Huge mistake. I had to go pick up a form for the prelim drug and alcohol testing. I was gonna go ahead and run it to the lab and get it over with...until I remembered that I took one of Ziggy's Vicodin really late last night/early this morning for some gawdawful...uh...well, I'll just say I had some major female issues. I was up most of the night.

    I can't, for the life of me, remember how long a codeine-based drug remains in your system. Guess I'll hafta look it up. But it coulda been a disaster if I'd have gotten the blood test and forgotten to mention that I'd taken a Vicodin. Which I would have, I'm sure. Forgotten, I mean, because I very rarely take usually makes me throw up.

    Wouldn't that have been the shits? A 50+ year old, fat grandma flunkin a drug test? hehehe

    Anywho, this job, while still in the nursing field, is waaaaaay far different from emergency nursing. In fact, it's waaaay different from hospital-based nursing, altogether. I'm kinda lookin forward to learning something new.

    In fact, there are a lotta things I'm lookin forward to. Getting to wear "real" clothes. Actually having a real lunch break. Not working nights, weekends or holidays. Not being on a dead run for 12 hours at a time. Not being forced to work a double shift. Not gettin phone calls on my days off to come in extra. Not gettin spit on, pooped on, pinched, hit, kicked or being called every name in the book. And that's by management. No patients to do it, either.'s like...a "real" job, huh? A normal one. Whatta concept. I don't know if I can adjust to that. It's been a lotta years since I've had a "normal" job.

    Though I don't know when I start, they've already given me a schedule. It's awesome. No Mondays and only 1/2 a day on Fridays. Yea, I know. But ya know what they's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

    Yea, it's gonna be an adjustment. I think I can handle it.


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