Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cartoon penises (penii?)

I've seen a few

Well, they made me laugh, but I guess they weren't really cartoons.

I digress.

  • Eyebrows
  • thinks that
  • this
  • is "the best use of the internet EVER. EVER!"

    Though I'm not sure that it's the best use of the internet ever, I'd hafta agree that it IS pretty great.

    It's a German children's book that depicts how babies are made...from start to a clear, simplistic but fairly explicit way.

    Just the facts, ma'am.

    But how much ya wanna bet you'd never find an English version, complete with explicit cartoons, in your local B. Dalton's, Borders or Barnes & Noble? (And, btw...what's up with all the trendy bookstores starting with the letter 'B'? It's like a...cult...or something. heh)

    Find it in your local grade school library? OH MY GAWD! Maybe when hell freezes over.

    And I think that's just plain sad.

    It's sad that our society seems to think violence is more acceptable than sex. It's sad that young kids are having sex with virtually no knowledge of what the ramifications are...physical OR emotional. They're having sex with essentially no knowledge of how their own bodies even work, let alone their partner's.

    Most of all, it's sad that these same young people will one day be parents...and, more than likely, their kids will have no more of a clue than they did.

    Yes. Sex education should start at home. Absolutely and positively. But just saying "Don't do it" isn't nearly enough. And the majority of kids just aren't getting the information they need at home. Period.

    And that's just really sad, too.

    It just kills me...we're supposed to be the most advanced, most intelligent, in the world...but not when it comes to sex education.

    We're not even close.


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