Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Honest ta' gawd, Mr. DEA Agent...

...I said "pot-S"!

Last week, just before my daughter, Jules, flew off for a few days in Cancun (bitch), she called me to give me some last-minute info about flights, times, etc. After that, the conversation turned a little...odd.

Me: "Ooooo...bring me back somethin from Mexico!"

Jules: "Ok, whatcha want?"

Me: "Um....."

Me: "Oooo...I know! Bring me back some Mexican pots."

Jules: .....

Jules: "Uh..."

Jules: "Ya know, they check the luggage pretty carefully."

Me: ......

Me: "Nooooo! I said POTS. Mexican POTS. POTTERY."


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