Friday, January 26, 2007

How will he play in Peoria?

So the scuttlebutt is that Bush is making a visit to Peoria next Tuesday. Gonna visit Caterpillar World Headquarters. Oooooo. I bet all the Cat bigwigs are just poopin themselves with excitement. They've had a big week so far...another gazillion in profits for this past quarter. I hope they enjoy those profits, gawd love 'em. Profits that were made on the backs of all those poor retirees who got shafted by Big Yeller.

Don't get me wrong...I'm all for's what makes this country great. But damn. Right is right. And what Cat did to their retirees just ain't right. And to walk around with those huge erections they get while thinkin about those huge profits makes it all the more obscene.

But I wonder just how Bush will play in Peoria, though? I mean, this is a pretty damn conservative area of the country. We do seem to love our pickup trucks and guns and apple pie and mullets. But I'm thinkin maybe he won't be quite as worshipped as he might've been...oh...say four or five years ago.

I know I won't be goin outa my way to see him....unless someone wants to round up a protest group. Hey...I'm an old hippie that never got to march in a protest. Always wanted to do that, too.

Wonder if I still remember how to flash a peace sign? I'm pretty sure I remember half of it.

(Oh, this is totally off-topic, but anybody ever noticed the dude that works at Kroger in Evergreen Square? I swear ta gawd...he's got a haircut JUST LIKE this photo! Wonder if Moe was his inspiration?)


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