Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Let's all eat cake

Eating less fat late in life failed to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease among older women, disappointing news for those who expected greater benefits from a healthy diet.

Even so, scientists say the results from the government study of 48,835 women don’t mean dieters should just throw up their hands and eat cake.

The whole story is
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  • . It was an eight year, 415 MILLION dollar study that they're now saying might have been a bit skewed.

    Researchers suggested that the women in the long-running study — with an average age of 62 — may have started their healthy eating too late. They also didn’t reduce fats as much as the diet demanded, and most remained overweight, a major risk factor for cancer and heart problems.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses.

    Ok, so they studied almost 50,000 older women, ages 50 to 70. They didn't take into consideration the 'good fats vs. bad fats' theory. And the dieters may not have cut enough fats for a "meaningful comparison".

    Uh. Wouldn't you have thought the researchers would have thought of those specifics BEFORE beginning a 415 MILLION dollar study? Most of the bucks, I might add, probably came from government grants. And we all know where government grants come from, don't we?

    I mean, I'm not a researcher and frankly don't know much about it. But one would think, that if you're going to do a long, detailed study like this, you'd think of all the possibilities and try to make it as controlled as you could.

    "“The results, of course, are somewhat disappointing. We would have liked this dietary intervention to have a major impact on health,” Manson said."

    Personally, I think that the study is probably correct. Look at all the other things that the talking heads used to say were bad for you...but...ooops...they were wrong. I think they simply don't want to admit that they might have been wrong all these years. They don't want us to know that they don't know everything there is to know about how the human body works...or doesn't.

    They are, after all, the talking heads. They are our gurus...our dali lamas...our seers. One word from them and we change our diets, our lifestyles...our very way of thinking.

    They hold a lotta power over us lemmings.


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