Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And so it begins

Senile dementia can be FUN!

I normally use my debit card...oh...somewhere in the neighborhood of...4-6 times a week, maybe. And I've had this same debit card...with the same PIN number... for...lessee...about 4 years, now.

Now, there are times that I use the debit as a credit card, eliminating the need for a PIN number. But those times are few...like maybe once a week.

So let's say I use the card as a debit (and using the PIN) approximately 5 times a week. For the last 4 years.

After the first few times I used my card, I'd managed to memorize the PIN. So that means I've entered the SAME PIN number...from memory...well over 1000 times.

Until today.

I had to run into work (on my day off, no less) for a very impotent...ah...I mean important meeting. After said very impotent...dammit...important meeting, I ran to Wal Mart (gawd forgive me) to pick up a couple things.

The nice cashier totaled up my items, I slid my card though the card-slider-thingy and...........stood there like a deer caught in the head lights.

My PIN number had been completely erased from my memory. Nothing. Zip. Nada. It was like an alien abduction...without the anal probe part.

Nothing came to me. Well...except for my password at work...my phone number...even my damn social security number.

But no PIN.

Just a big, fat blank spot where that little tidbit of info shoulda been.

It was eliminated from my memory so completely, I thought maybe I'd had a stroke.

Nothing...I mean nothing came to me. I think there might have been a 7...and maybe a 5...in my PIN. But I sure as hell wouldn't swear to it.

I can't even begin to tell you how flustered I was. And still am, for that matter.

Thankfully the cashier, who appeared to be about the same age as me, stopped me from trying to enter the wrong number a third time, and told me to just run it through as a credit card. She went on to explain that fucking (my terminology, not hers) the number up a third time renders the whole damn card useless for 24 hours...a security thing, I guess.

After a trip to the bank and the embarrassment of explaining what had happened, the nice little cashier had my PIN number reset. She asked me if I had a number in mind that I wanted to use for the new PIN and I immediately told her "absolutely".

I know it's suggested that you don't use familiar numbers...like birthdays...for PIN numbers. But I did.

I figure if I manage to forget my own damn birthday, da Zigster might as well slap a diaper on my ass and take me to the home.


At 4:58 AM , Blogger Randall said...

I can relate to this a bit. Want panic? Forget the PIN that disables the house alarm system. God I hate those strip searches. Anyway, back on point. I never ever use my debit card as a debit card. I have a CEFCU debit card and they have had to replace it twice in 4 years because someplace (they never know where) that I used the PIN, their data was compromised and they had to send me a new card with a new number. CEFCU says it's better to be safe and secure. Talk about a pain in the ass. But I do know that "blank" feeling.

At 10:41 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

One time I blanked on how to open the gas tank on my car. A car I had had for several years. I was running on a severe lack of sleep (having worked super long Christmas-time shifts for the postal service) but it was still UTTER panic.

I think (hope) it's normal. I also think that once you start trying to remember the data just gets more and more elusive!


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