Thursday, May 21, 2009

They're heeeere

The night is balmy. The air feels like a cool, silk sheet against my skin. A thin fog hangs over the floodwaters of the Illinois River. The fog is occasionally pierced by the spotlight from a barge, slowly grumbling it's way up the river.

Hundreds of hidden tree frogs softly shrill a lullaby, punctuated by the occasional splash of a fish.

Suddenly, the screech of a guitar riff blasted from six-foot tall speakers slices through the river's night song.

  • Summer Camp
  • is here.

    The population of our little town will triple this weekend. We're expecting about 10,000 summer-campers.

    And they're all right across the street.

    Ok, to be more precise, one street and one highway.

    To be honest though, it isn't bad. To be even more honest, I wish I was 20...ok, 30...years younger, 'cause I'd be right in the middle of it. heh


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