Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More practice

With YouTube...

...and Vimeo

Yes I am a pirate from Pam Ziegler on Vimeo.

Don't know which format I prefer yet. The Vimeo seems to be simpler...and faster. But then again, the one I uploaded to it was shorter. I dunno. It just seems like YouTube is reallllly slow on the upload. Is it just me?

I saw our first American White Pelican today...I did get him on camera, but he was just too far away...the little Flip's resolution ain't so great at a distance. There's also a Canadian Goose who seemed very interested in the in walking right up to I was headed off to the store this morning. I think she's (he?) nesting somewhere close to the road and I think he/she's probably protecting the nest. 'Course when I went back with cam in hand, he/she was no where to be found. I'm gonna take the Flip with me every time I leave from now on and try to get a shot.

If ya happen to catch some YouTube thing on tv about a woman gettin attacked by a Canadian'll prolly be me. heh


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