Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You're not gonna stick that there, are ya??

Since I've gotten older (ahem), my sinus problems have gotten worse. Sometimes, I feel like my eyeballs are buggin out, the pressure gets so bad. This last cold, while pretty much gone, has left me with an almost-continuous sinus headache and the feeling that my head is stuffed full of cotton. I've taken sinus meds, ibuprofen, nasal sprays...tried almost everything. Nothin has touched it.

A while back, I caught an episode of Oprah that featured Dr. Oz, talkin about
  • Neti pots
  • . It's supposedly good for everything...stuffy head colds, sinus problems, allergies (are you listening, Jules?)...and it's even supposed to keep ya from catchin those nasty buggies in the first place. But....

    What the hell? Pour water up my nose? On purpose? I can't even stand to get water in my nose when I go swimmin, fer shit's sake.

    Yea. Well. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

    I checked out the nearest Walgreens today. And, they're all near. One on damn-near every corner. Anywho, they have Neti pots.

    However, I decided that I'd rather spend the 20 bucks on...oh...I dunno...something a little more fun, and preferring to eschew the trendy little mini tea-pots and pre-packaged salt packets, I decided that a plain, ole water bottle...the kind with the squirty thing on top...would do just fine. I found the "recipe" somewhere...1/4 teaspoon of sea or kosher salt to 8 ounces of body-temperature tap water...and figured I'd just make my own.

    So I did. I poured about two ounces of hot tap water in the bottle, added the kosher salt, shook it up good so it dissolved completely and then added about 6 ounces of lukewarm water and tested it on my wrist...like ya do a baby bottle. And lemme tell ya. I was more than a little...hesitant...to try it the first time.

    Oh. My. Gawd. I'm hooked. I can't believe how much better it made me feel. When I take a deep breath, I can feel the air goin alllll the way up into my head. My sinus headache is almost gone. And I can smell!

    Hell. I didn't know I couldn't!

    I know. I know. It just sounds gross and icky. But it really wasn't at all. It just goes in one nostril, up into the sinuses and out the other. Then ya reverse it and do the other nostril. Honest ta gawd...it actually felt kinda good.

    Anywho, it gets a big thumbs-up from moi. I just need to remember that this particular water bottle is for my nose...and not to drink out of. heh


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