Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday was for the birds

(Click to embiggen)

Da boids like to hang out here at the River Rat Retreat. Mostly because da Zigster keeps 'em pretty damn well fed. This pair of doves are frequent fliers (no pun intended) at the all you can eat seed and suet buffet. They hung out here on the deck railing for probably a half hour or more yesterday just...I dunno...watchin the river, I guess.

Actually, they were probably keepin an eye out for this guy who landed in our tree...

...though I'm pretty sure he's not interested in bird seed. Maybe if we'd hang a couple dead rabbits or squirrels out on the deck, we could lure him a little closer?

I got so excited when I saw him land just outside that I damn near fell over the table tryin to get to the window with the camera.


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