Monday, July 16, 2007

Well, I'd say that this puts us right back at square one...

...only in reverse.

Ok, so I'm watching The View. I dunno why. Somebody shoot me.

But some black dolly is takin Rosie O's place and I'm thinkin they'd have been better off to keep Rosie.

They're talkin about using the word that shall not be spoken...ya know? The "N" word.

The black dolly states, "It's OK for ME to use it because I'm black. But don't let me hear you say it." (Spoken to her white co-....hosts? Whatever.)

Sooooo...somebody 'splain to me why this is any different than those "Whites Only" signs on bathrooms and water fountains 50 years ago?

Racism is matter what color you're discriminating against.


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