Monday, July 02, 2007

The 4th of July came early this year

Saturday night, Ziggy was watching somethin on tv and I was playin on the computer. (Pretty excitin stuff for a Saturday night, huh?)

Anywho, I started hearing this booming sound. We have a lotta barge traffic here on the river, so I first thought it was some barges bangin together...until I looked out the front door.


I mean a big-ass fireworks show. "Professional" stuff. Somewhere across the river.

We got up and ran down to the retaining wall and got to see a fabulous fireworks show that lasted well over half an hour. Honestly, it was breathtaking...shooting up above the trees and reflecting out across the river. We stood and watched the whole thing, all the while, tryin to figure out just exactly where it was comin from.

When it was over, we came back in and I pulled up the ole Rand-McNally online and the best we can figure, it was coming from Washburn. It'd be just about right across the river from us, though it's not a river town. It's inland a ways.

I can't imagine that we'd be able to see a fireworks show like that from so far away, though. I mean, it looks like Washburn is several miles away from the river...I dunno...5 or 10, anyway.

Any of youse locals know if Washburn had a fireworks show Saturday night? Or if not, just where it might have been coming from?


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