Saturday, October 21, 2006

A little eclectic....

...and maybe just a bit eccentric.

Just the way I like it.

What do juggling, barbershop harmonizing, fried oysters, grocery shopping and the blues have in common?

They're just some of the things I have planned for this weekend. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate my birthday weekend, huh? Well, except for the grocery shoppin.

All these activities have something else in common, too. Uh..except for the grocery shoppin. All the ideas were provided by bloggers. Cool, huh? Ain't bloggin' grand?

So anywho, tonight we're planning on a trip to Po' Boys, a local 'Nawlins-inspired restaurant to chow on some frahd oysters or jambalaya or some other southern delicacy, whilst listening to some kick-ass R&B. If I can't get to 'Nawlins this year, I guess this'll be the next best thing.

This perfectly lovely idea was inspired by none other than local blogger
  • Chef Kevin
  • . Now that he's planted the idea, I hope he's plannin on goin. I love meetin bloggers.

    And tomorrow...providing I'm not too hungov...uh....tired...we'll be venturing just a few blocks south to meet Chicago blogger, juggler, plate-spinner and fire-eater extraordinaire,
  • Andy Martello
  • .

    (Andy, I'll be the old, fat, blonde, green-faced chick in the audience.)

    He's one of the featured acts during the
  • Pride of Peoria Chorus'
  • 64th Annual Show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 400 NE Perry. Oh, and it starts at 2 pm.

    Ahhh, yea. Blues, frahd oysters, juggling, beer, plate-spinning, harmonizing mustachioed men, jambalaya and bloggers.

    What could be better?


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