Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ya get the strangest looks...

...when ya go topless.

Especially when it's 65 degrees and ya have three or four 2x4's stickin outa yer backend.

(Kinda makes ya cringe to think about that, huh?)

We decided that today would be a nice day to head out to our local Lowe's and get the stuff to do our "Tiki Bar" patio. We got there and grabbed what we needed...even had someone come up and ask if we needed help! I know. We were kinda shocked, too.

Anywho, since neither Ziggy nor I have anything resembling a pickup truck, we took the convertible. Yea, ok. It's still a little chilly...65 isn't exactly prime convertible weather...but it was sunny. Leather coats help a lot, too. And we didn't have that far to go...maybe 3 or 4 miles.

We got plenty of double-takes. Not because we had the top down...we saw three or four other hardy souls who were pushin the season just a bit, too. I'm sure they were wondering, though, just what in the hell we were doing, riding around with four 2x4's cantilevered out from the backseat. If not for Queen blastin on the stereo, we mighta been mistaken for the Clampett's.

Hey...necessity IS the mother of invention, after all. We hauled a mattress in that baby last year.


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