Monday, December 03, 2007

It's a "POBBLER", ok?

Said in my best Eric Cartman voice...."Thcrew you, Martha Sthewart...I can too bake!"

The thing is though, while I'm a damn good cook, I can't bake. Not well, anyway. Not by any stretch of the imagination. A long time ago, I made it my policy to never bake another pie or cake or batch of cookies. It just ain't pretty, people. For whatever reason, the kitchen always winds up lookin like a nuclear bomb exploded in a flour factory.

So, why'd I try it again?

Because the Granny Smith apples were such a pretty shade of green.


I know Grannies aren't a really good eating apple...too tart. But they're supposed to be a great pie apple (not that I'd know...I don't bake stuff like pies). But they were soooooo pretty.

So rather than buy 'em and let 'em sit on the counter for decoration and eventually rot, I tried a pie.

Except...I don't own a pie pan. Because I don't bake, see? But I did have a round cake pan. Not that I use it for cakes, you understand. Because I don't bake, right?. It's handy for other things I cook in the oven.

But the cake pan's like...round, right? Kinda like a pie pan. Sorta.

And the pie dough I bought (you didn't think I'd actually do something crazy like make my own pie dough, didja?) was round...not you'd do a cobbler with. (Cobblers are square, aren't they?)

So I made a "pobbler".

Not bad. At least, it doesn't look bad.

The kitchen, however.....


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