Monday, September 14, 2009

Pride and joy might have been on display...

...but it evidently didn't play well in Peoria.

Sunday was the first (and I hope annual)
  • Peoria Pride Festival

  • You'll notice that there are no comments on this article. There were a few comments last night...few of which were exactly...favorable. I imagine it only got worse, so they ix-nayed the comments, altogether.

    Is anybody really surprised that Peoria is sometimes looked upon as a narrow-minded, redneck, podunk of a town? Oh, it claims to be forward-thinking and "cultured", but I'll tell ya what...if Peoria can claim to be that, then I can claim to be a 5'8" former super model.

    We both can claim all we want. It's still a big, fat lie.

    We had every intention of going...not because either of us is gay...but because da Zigster and I both believe that people...all people...should be judged by their character...and not by their sexual orientation. We both believe that being gay or being a lesbian is no more of a "choice" than being born with blue eyes or blonde hair. We both believe that you love who you love.

    Unfortunately, I was a bit under the weather Sunday. Ok, the truth is, I partied too hard Saturday night at the Boat Drunks concert at the riverfront.

    But we were spirit.


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