Monday, October 20, 2008

What. A. Doofus.

Or would the plural be doofii?

I swear ta gawd I'm not becoming a cat blogger. But...well..frankly, I got nothin else. Unless ya wanna hear about me spendin the weekend cleanin out my closet and armoire, puttin away the summer stuff (sigh) and gettin out the sweaters and long pants (ick), baggin up clothes for a future yard sale and just otherwise pissin the weekend away.

No? See? Didn't think so.

And da boys were being especially...entertaining...this weekend.

Stewie spent much of the weekend tryin to stuff a 10 lb. body in a 5 lb. box.

Simon, on the other hand, managed to stuff himself into a partial flat of bottled water. Get a load of those eyes!


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