Friday, July 25, 2008

Bush mania

You'd think it was the
  • second coming.

  • Oh, wait. It was.

    Good gawd. I haven't seen so much fawning since the movie Bambi came out.

    Between 1,200 and 1,400 vehicles — including BMWs, Audis and Mercedes — quickly filled the lot and spilled onto the grass.

    Aaahahahahhahahahhaha! The local media musta been really impressed by the BMW's, Audi's and Mercedeses.

    No fuckin wonder the rest of the world thinks Peoria is a hick town.

    And, c'mon. $500 bucks to eat shish-kabob in his presence and $5,000 to have a photo-op with him?? I know it was a fund-raiser for Schock, but don't ya think it just further illustrates the ever-widening gap between the priveledged and the working-class schmoes?

    Not that I support the Dems either, but Schock's opponent is havin fish-frys and chicken noodle dinners for donations, fer chrissake.

    Nah, the only reason Bush deserves even a smidgen of my respect is the very fact that's he is the prez. I mean, right or wrong (ahem), he is our fearless leader, and as such, I suppose he deserves a little respect.

    That being said, I do happen to think he's managed to push this country further down into the shit-can. Oh, he didn't do it all by himself. He's had a lotta help. Even before he was elected.

    See? When it comes to politicians, I'm all about equal opportunity. I detest all of 'em. Equally.


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