Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, Mr. Twain...

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Actually, that quote, or some variation of it, has been attributed to several different people...Abraham Lincoln, George Eliot, Groucho Marx and Albert Einstein, just to name a few. But because I'm a Midwesterner and because I happen to love Mark Twain's dry, understated sense of humor, I'm gonna give him the credit for it.

So, anyway...where the hell was I goin with this?

Well, I've basically got nothin except a few random thoughts bangin around in my head...nothin really worth postin about...so I probably should keep my mouth shut. Probably.

Probably won't.


I'm sicksicksicksick of politicians. I don't believe a damn word any of 'em say. They all lie. Or twist the truth so badly it's not recognizable anymore.

Take, fr'instance, our illustrious State Rep. Mike Smith. Despite the fact that he's a Dem, I thought he was a good sorta guy. He's a big, fat boy. I kinda liked that, too. Made him a little more "human", ya know? I figured that since he obviously wasn't wastin a lotta time joggin or workin out at the gym, he was spendin more time workin for us. And he's supposedly tryin real hard to keep Ameren-Cilco in line and freeze the damn electric rates. That's a good thing, too.

Then I read somewhere (course, I can't find it again to provide the link) that, despite Illinois bein flat-assed broke, he voted for a pay raise for himself and his cronies.

Figures. He's gonna "save" us poor Ameren-Cilco customers a few bucks a year...then turn around and pick our pockets for a bigger chunk...to fill his damn refrigerator.

I dunno why this pisses me off so. It's not like he's the only politician who's a hypocrite. It's EVERY one of 'em. He just happened to be handy.


In Cheeseburgerweddingpalooza news, the RSVP's are comin in. Hell, we might hafta rent a damn porta-potty...we only have one bathroom...and there's free beer. LOL We're up to around 20 or so "yesses", so far. That was gonna be our original amount of invitees...but we kept addin to the list. In fact, we're still addin.

Watch out. You might be next. heh


I know I've said it before...but I really, really like my job. See, since I only work part-time, my paid time off doesn't build up very fast, and I pretty much use it as I earn it. So, when I found out we were havin a wedding, I asked if I could take some unpaid time off. My boss said that the powers that be don't much like to give unpaid time...unless you're sick wink-wink. Hmmmm...I believe she was tryin to tell me somethin.

Soooo, I just figured that I'd call in sick. Kinda hated to lie about it, but she did wink, after all.

Today, she tells me that she talked to her boss and she said that I could take whatever time I wanted. It was a "special" occasion...I believe she said something like "once in a lifetime". Course, I told her that it was actually more like thrice in a lifetime...but who's countin? This'll be the last one, fer sure.


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