Friday, July 06, 2007

"Do you haff ze proper lizance for ze minkee?"

The Chronicles of Cheeseburgerweddingpalooza: Episode Three

Went and got THE license today. And surprisingly, it didn't hurt a bit...considering we're talkin 'bout local bureaucracy...and we went right at noontime...and it was a Friday.

Didn't give it a thought...downtown at noontime on a Friday no less, I mean. But I slid right into a parkin spot (and did one damn fine job of parallel parking, I might add) on Jefferson and we were in and out of the courthouse within a half-hour or so.

Gotta give props to the
  • Peoria County Clerk's
  • office. We got right in, despite a short line for other things like registering to vote and gettin a passport. The gal that issued the license was pleasant and friendly. Best of all, she didn't diddle around. Just got it done.

    But she did have time to giggle a little with us when she went over the contents of the whole 'marriage packet' that they hand out. It included some info about how to fill out the license, how to get a copy of it, a checklist of places to notify, a form for Social Security, and...a pamphlet entitled "Getting Married? Know The Facts About Your Sexual Health".

    Even better? The one from the March of Dimes entitled, "During Pregnancy". heh

    Uh. I don't think we'll be needin that one, honey.

    While I can't exactly call the experience "nice"...the armed guards and metal detectors kinda detracted from the whole experience, ya know? wasn't a bit awful.

    Oh...anybody wanna guess what movie the title quote is from? First one to get it right wins....the 'Know The Facts About Your Sexual Health' pamphlet. hehe


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