Thursday, September 07, 2006

Inbred cannibals... the hills of West Virginia.

Now, I ask ya...could there be a better premise for a "slasher" movie?

Intriguing, no?

I caught
  • Wrong Turn
  • on FX tonight. Even though I'm a great fan of the genre (as is
  • Sandy
  • ), I wasn't gonna watch it. I fully expected it to be just another ho-hum, guts and gore flick. Until I read the description on the guide thingy on the tv. And it really turned out to be not such a stinker. I've definitely watched worse.

    Of course, the whole "inbred cannibal" thing really piqued my interest. I mean, just think about it....think "Deliverance"...and cannibals. Think Ned Beatty squeeeeealin like a pig...on a spit...with an apple in his mouth.

    I like scary slasher movies that can really happen. It's the whole possibility thing. And I could happen, right? I mean...there's gotta be places in West Virginia that are waaaay off the beaten path, so to speak. There's probably some inbreeding goin on there, too. Prolly not a the way of mates of the opposite sex. From there, it's just a hop, skip and jump to cannabilism, right?

    It's the whole "make do with what ya have" kinda thing.

    Cannibal-type stories and movies just tend to ick people out, anyway, doncha know? In kind of a primal way. Ever read about the Donner party? Ever read about Ed Gein? Ever read or see Alive!? The story about the Venezuelan soccer team whose plane crashed in the Andes? The idea of eating another human being is just so on soooo many levels.

    And it's not like it was some improbable sci-fi thing like
  • Jimbo
  • talks about, though that was so campy it was great. Klaatu barada nikto to you too, bud.

    It's not like some suppurating-flesh-can't-kill-the-bastards zombie flick (though I AM a big fan of those, too)...the kind that gives
  • Eric
  • a raging case of the shiverumshakums.

    I mean, we all know that zombies aren't real. Aliens aren't rea...uh...well...ok. Aliens might be real. But I bet they don't look anything like Gort. And I bet they wouldn't eat ya.

    But I mean...c'mon, man...inbred cannibals. It could sooooo totally happen.

    Ooooo...ya know what sounds good? A nice, big rare steak. Bloody rare. Or maybe some liver and onions.


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