Friday, September 18, 2009

I think I found my mojo

And all I had to do was look out our front door.

Introducing the newest member of da Zigster family...

Mr. PeeWee!
(Click the photos to enlarge)

This little shit ran right up our neighbor's leg this afternoon. Thankfully, he (the neighbor) didn't throw a big hissy fit...all he did was look down and say, "Well...what the hell...?"

So, 'course, I hadda try to make friends...

I couldn't believe it...the little guy was practically fearless. He'd come up to me and make these little, playful "..uck...uck...uck..." noises. In fact, he sounded a lot like the ferrets I've had as pets in the past.

He got so friendly that he followed me right up onto the deck...where he was immediately fascinated with Zig's crocs.

Gotta say, though...he seemed to find that my lap was the perfect spot to curl up in. I think he'd have fallen asleep if I wouldn't have moved.

What a babydoll!

I'm not sure where his mama is...or if he even still has one. He seems awfully little for this time of year, too. I just hope that none of our neighbor's dogs try to "play" with him. He'd be a good little snack for either of 'em (a lab and a boxer).

I made him a little "nest" on the deck from a shoebox and an old towel...he seemed to think that was pretty sweet, but I hope he has sense enough to hide in it, should the need arise.

In other critter-type news....

I caught this big, ole fat groundhog running across our seawall last night.

We've had probably two times the amount of American White Pelicans this year versus last...hundreds and hundreds. They love hangin out on the sandbar across from our house.

Aaaand...we caught this big crane...who can normally be found down on the beach or wading in the shallows...waaaaay the hell up in this tree.


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