Saturday, September 19, 2009


Poor little
  • Pee Wee

  • He fell out of his tree this afternoon. Zig saw him fall...a considerable distance...and he thinks he fell on his back.

    His hind legs are paralyzed.

    I've presently got him tucked into a shoebox with a towel to curl up in, a tiny water dish and a little mixture of cat kibble, unsalted peanuts and sunflower seeds.

    He doesn't seem to be in any pain, thankfully...seems just as chipper, friendly and inquisitive as he did yesterday. He just can't walk. He ate a few peanuts, but had a hard time balancing on his little butt so he could hold them in his front paws.

    I'm hoping it's just a bad jolt and if I keep him quiet and comfortable, he'll eventually come out of it. From what I've read, it can happen. Zig thinks I'm a bit delusional. I suppose I am.

    I know it's only a squirrel. A tree-rat. A rodent.

    But dammit...he's just so damn...sweet.


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