Friday, October 31, 2008


In praise of naps.

I love a good nap.

Oh, not those 20-minute things on the sofa or in the recliner that I hear people talkin about. 20 minutes is not a nap. It's a...faux nap. An ersatz nap. It's a mere blip on the screen of normal wakefulness.

I dont' think I've ever slept just 20 minutes in my life. How does one do that, anyway? Do you set the alarm? Do you just know when 20 minutes is up? If you're sleeping lightly enough that your inner alarm goes off at 20 minutes, you're not sleeping.

Stupor, maybe. Sleep? Nope.

Nah. I'm talkin about a nap. Anywhere from an hour to a couple-three. once, I took a six hour nap. Really. I laid down at 5 pm because I just couldn't keep my eyes open. And Ziggy woke me up at 11...when he got home from work.

Was I befuddled? Fuck yea. But damn! It was nice.

Naps are wonderful on cold, rainy days. But I gotta tell ya...there's something deliciously decadent...almost depraved...about napping on a nice day.

And I'm just the gal to tell ya how to do it. I have the experience. heh

Close the blinds and draw the drapes. The bedroom will appear to be in a otherworldly kind of twilight. Not quite daytime. Not quite night. Take all your clothes off...if you feel comfortable doing so. If not, then you're far too inhibited for your own good. There's nothin like sleepin nekkid, but if you feel you must, then put your pj's on. Do NOT...under any circumstances...remain fully clothed. And, girls? NO BRAS. Loose the tata's! Freshly laundered sheets are nice bonus (especially if you're nekkid)...but not a requirement. Fluffy pillows, though...those are a must-have.

Got a phone in your bedroom? (Bad! BAD!) Shut it off. And don't you dare bring that cell phone into the bedroom with you, either. If there's an emergency, someone will pound on your door. Trust me. The whole world will not fall all out of kilter if you're not "connected" 24/7. Calling to see what you're bringing to the potluck next week does not constitute an emergency. Ya don't need the tv on, either. Far too distracting. A fan is nice, though. "White noise", ya know? And a fan'll help drown out the whole guilt thing ya got goin in your head about "sleeping the day away"..."got too many things to do"..."but what if?"...yada, yada, yada. Shut yer head off. Guilt is not allowed.

As me dear ole dad used to say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well".

Ya wanna nap? Then do it well.

Put yer bad self into that bed. Snuggle in good. Relax. Get comfortable. Breathe deep. Feel yourself just...let go.

And nap.


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