Sunday, December 27, 2009

Got snow?

Want some?'ve had enough.

It mostly missed Christmas day, but started Christmas night...and except for a few brief pauses, it hasn't really stopped since.

It's been great for bird-viewing, though.

It keeps da boyz pretty entertained, too.

Santa brought Ziggy a new wireless scanner/copier/printer for Christmas.

After six hours or so and three calls to India, we discovered that "wireless" is a relative term. It's only wireless if you have a wireless router...which we don't. (Well, hell...who knew? Our wireless mouse works, so....?)

He finally managed to get it to work...with a wire...but now, my photo uploading thingy is all fucked up with no unfuckedup-ness in sight. (sigh)

It was a real quiet Christmas here at the River Rat Retreat. Strangely enough, almost too quiet. I don't miss all the hassle of Christmasses-past (Valium, anyone?), but there's gotta be a happy medium somewhere. We weren't able to celebrate with the kids...too much scheduling conflict. Talk about your "nuclear" family...nuclear is right...all blown to hell.
We are planning a get-together next weekend...providing this fucking snow will just STOP.

That's kind of...anti-climactic, I guess. See...for me...Christmas is over when it's over. I'm done with it. I even yanked the tree down yesterday.

I dunno...I'm thinkin somewhere tropical for Christmas next year.


At 9:27 AM , Blogger Randall said...

I can help ya with that wireless printer problem if you decide to buy a wireless router. They are easy to set up. I have one and it's a FAX/Printer/Copier/Scanner and it is big but it is nice to stash it away out of site and still use it without wires.


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