Monday, June 01, 2009

Where's my holster?

So, Peoria's mayor would like to see Peoria become a "test city" for concealed carry.

The whole story is
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  • 'Course, personally I think it's a great idea. I can't believe he actually suggested it, though.

    I don't suppose it'll happen...and it wouldn't affect us, even if it did, since we don't live in Peoria. I think a better idea would be to make it county-wide.

    But boy-howdy...did it cause a ruckus.

    The rabid anti-gunners, of course, are throwing out all kinds of'll put guns in the hands of the whack-jobs and the emotionally'll put more guns in the hands of criminals...what if, what if, what if??

    The thing is, not just anybody would be able to get a concealed-carry permit. I'm sure
  • Nate
  • could clue us in on how it works in Utah. But I'm thinkin they'd rule and reg ya to death. There'd be classes to take and pass...forms to fill out...fingerprints...and on and on.

    Most of yer run-of-the-mill whackjobs wouldn't wanna take the time for all that. And most of yer run-of-the-mill criminals already carry concealed.

    Not that I think that all the rules and regs is a bad thing. If you're gonna carry a gun, ya damn well better know how...and use it.

    The states that do have concealed-carry laws claim that the violent crime rate is lower than those that don't. I tend to believe that. I think maybe a criminal might think twice about pullin a gun on somebody that might pull out a bigger gun and shoot his nuts off.

    I dunno about anybody else...but I'd feel safer if I could carry a gun. I probably wouldn't. But it'd be nice to know I could...if I wanted to.


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