Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well, it's a hot one...

...like seven inches from the midday sun...

At 4:20 pm this afternoon, I was sittin at a stop light, right downtown on Adams...and my car thermometer read 103.

One hundred and three freakin degrees.

I thought it might just be a fluke, but a couple of bank thermometers backed it up.

Here at the River Rat Retreat, the breeze from the river makes it a balmy 97.

But I mean...really...when it gets this hot, what's a measly 6 degrees?

As if the heat isn't bad enough, the humidity, which is like 85%, makes it feel positively sauna-ish and shoves the heat index up from "barely tolerable" to "strip nekkid and play in the hose". It's far worse than I remember ever experiencing when I lived in Florida. There was at least a friggin breeze there. Here, nothing. The air is just dead and still.

Far as I'm concerned, whoever invented air conditioning is a friggin god.


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