Monday, June 08, 2009

As gawd is my witness...

(shaking fist at sky)...I'll never go without hot water again!

Behold! The T-Creator Navien Natural Gas On-Demand Hot Water Heater!

It'd make ole Rube Goldberg positively pea-green with envy.

Hmmm...seems I'm channeling Katie-Scarlett O'Hara this evening.

La-de-dah! I don't care. I've got hot water. Right outa the faucets, even! No more planning two hours ahead to take a bath. No more hauling pan after pan of stove-heated water to fill the tub. No more rinsing my dishes in cold water.

Seven gallons per minute of perfectly-heated, 125 degree water...instantly.

As you can tell, the unit...heheh...she said "unit" waaaaay up high. The bottom of it is about 7 feet from the floor of our teeny-weeny back foyer.

I'm tellin ya...if this baby gets ruined by flood water, we're in deep shit, indeed. As in Noah's Ark deep

Hot water...or lack thereof...would be the least of our worries.

I was pretty happy with the whole installation process, too. It was a couple of young guys...looked barely outa high school, fer chrissake...but they seemed to know what they were doing. It took 'em about 5 hours or so to install...but that included running all new gas, water and electric lines.

If anyone's interested, the company that installed it was Mike Fauser Plumbing and Heating of Peoria. Like I said, I was pleased with the installation. Of course, it remains to be seen how it'll do...and what the future service is like.

I shoulda told him I've got a blog...and know how to use it. heh

In the past several days, I've done a little research on these tankless hot water systems. Consumer Reports says most of 'em only save about 70-80 bucks a year in energy savings. So it's gonna take a loooooong damn time for this baby to pay for itself. Fortunately, that's not the reason we chose to go this route.

I just wanted to be able to take a damn shower the next time we get flooded.

Anywho, I tested it out a few minutes ago...aaahhhhhh. My first shower in over a month.



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