Monday, June 22, 2009

We had a wheelie busy weekend

My shiny, new Huffy. Which is what I'll be doin the first few times I ride 'er. heh

Notice the wide, wiiiiide seat? Just perfect for my wide, wiiiide ass. Now, I need a basket...and maybe a squeezy-horn...oh, and maybe some streamers for the handlebars.

Not to be outdone, da Zigster just hadda have some new wheels, too. it was ok with me, too.

(As with all photos, click on to embiggen)

Ain't he pretty? I think I'll name him "Rhett". The finish reminds me of Clark Gable's black and Brylcreemed hair. heh

While the exterior isn't in pristine shape, it is excellent for a 17 year old car. In fact, it's excellent for a 5 year old car. I swear ta gawd, though...the real leather interior looks like it's fresh off the showroom floor.

It's got power...everything, which I'm not too crazy about, but it all still works. And all things considered, I guess if we hafta pay to have one of the buttons fixed, it ain't that big a deal.

I don't think the boot has ever had anything in it except the top cover.

And the best part?

That's actual miles. On the original engine. And, it was a one owner.

He used it like we plan a "play" car. He kept it garaged in the winter and only drove it when the weather was nice.

Wheeeee! We can go topless again!


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